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Article: Body Positivity In Isadora Life

Body Positivity In Isadora Life

Body Positivity In Isadora Life

We are writing this post on a very important topic which is “BODY POSITIVITY”, let’s talk about what is body positivity is, we know many of you already know about this but this is one of the topics which needs to reach out to every single person. Body positivity refers to the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance.

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Why body positivity is important?

The body-positive movement was born out of the understanding that strict and negative messages about bodies and appearance were emotionally, psychologically, and physically damaging to many people. The body positivity movement offers a solution to the problematic and harmful beliefs encouraged by social messaging and negative body image.

There is a growing understanding of the impact that the media, social media, and messages about bodies and appearance can have on an individual and the community. As a result, there has been substantial pushback regarding the types of messages and bodies represented in mainstream media.

These are some reasons why we think this topic is way too important for us. Because A Saree Doesn’t Need a ‘Body-Type’. A saree is the only piece of cloth where don’t need to find your size because a saree is made for every size & color. We have an exclusive range of 1-minute wrap saree which any woman can wear, you don’t need to loose weight for wrapping a 1-minute wrap saree. We even provide you with a wide range of salwar kameez which comes in every size. And we are not only writing this because we support body positive moment we actually mean it, so here we are attaching a video, in which you can see the same saree is worn by a plus-size model & a zero size model, the link is below:

We see women with back fat, belly rolls, and cellulite in real life all the time. That’s how real women look, right? And there is nothing wrong with that, after all, we women’s are running the world besides the body shape, and color. And the facts are we womens have to go through a lot in our life like weddings, kids, households and many responsibilities and many more. So who cares about the size the only thing matters is how we are capable of doing everything perfectly.

So here we are smashing the stereotype of casting all-sized models for fashion shoots in our every shoot. One of our favorite things about living in India for middle and high school was the sarees. If ever there was a democratic piece of clothing in fashion’s history, it is that marvelous saree. The saree fits every body type, from portly to pint-sized, and makes them all look beautiful in their unique glory. And, depending on the design, it can be worn for everyday use or dressed up with sequins, gold thread, and jewels for special occasions. The contrasting patterns within each sari teach us how to be bold and take risks, and the bright colors remind us to shine.

For every woman, who has struggled, questioned, realized, believed, accomplished, and triumphed…Trust Your Journey. Inspiration and stories of hope are incomparable ways to give. We want to encourage others to accept and love themselves and the journey. Wherever life takes you--Trust Your Journey! We have products that remind you to trust your journey that you can carry with you.

So every women who are out there we want to tell you no matter how you look or what is your body shape. We have the best product for you in all sizes.


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