Lilies and Lavender Breeze

Cotton Wrap in 1 Minute Saree

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Lilies and Lavender Breeze

# Made to Measure Wrap in 1 Minute Saree
1. Looks like a usually well draped saree
2. 5 sizes from 24 inch waist to 44 inch waist available
3. Fall, Pico, Finishing all done
4. Not satisfied, 100% Money Back Guaranteed
5. Cash on Delivery Available
6. 8-12 Days Delivery
Rs. 2,128.00 Rs. 989.00
Description Soothing Lavendar printed cotton saree is sure to give you a light, easy look full of grace and poise. Keep it simple with just white sandals, minimal silver jewellery or the timeless pearls.

Saree Details

Saree Border/Pattern Printed
Saree Fabric Cotton
Saree Color Purple/ Lavender
Petticoat  Petticoat Attached with "Wrap in 1 Minute" Saree.                                 No need to wear/ purchase petticoat separately.
Blouse Details Blouse Available Yes
Blouse Fabric Cotton
Blouse Color Purple/ Lavender
Blouse Shown in Image Blouse worn by the model is separate. 
Washing and Care Instructions Cold Hand Wash separately
WRAP IN 1 MINUTE SAREE - NO HASSLE of Pleats, Pico, Fall or Purchasing petticoat. Just wrap it like a wraparound skirt and your perfect saree is draped in less than a minute. In case you don't like it or need another size, cancel/return it and get 100% of your money back - no questions asked.