The word “Sari” means “strip of cloth” in Sanskrit. But for the Indian women who have been wrapping themselves in silk, cotton, linen, and many more fabrics. These swaths of fabric are more than just simple garments or a piece of cloth. They are symbols of national pride, Craftmanship, and art.

India is a country of cultural diversity, different states of the country have their own unique culture. The country is diversified in its attires too. Different states have different dressing styles, but saree is an integral part of Indian culture. A saree is a part of the heritage of Indian women, Saree has evolved a lot from time to time, From the Mesopotamian civilization Indian Weaving natural fibers into fabrics have been ancient. India has different types of fabrics and a lot of people used to stitch sarees.Isadora Life - Wrap In 1 Minute Saree

For Indian women, a saree is an expression and feeling of love, and at some point, we all women love to wear a saree because it’s elegant & the only thing that can never go out of fashion.

According to experts, the overall demand for sarees is expected to remain significant. Despite the expected shift from saree to salwar kameez or western wear in urban and semi-urban market, saree is expected to still remain as the predominant category among elderly and middle-aged women across urban and rural India.

The saree is a traditionally modest and feminine garment, And a saree is very important clothing for a woman, A woman will always keep her saree in her cupboard for a long time of period.ProductsIn many cultures women still prefer to wear a saree all the time of the day, a saree became an identity for them. And in today’s era we see a lot of influencer and women’s who loves to wear sarees plus today’s world people like to experiment with everything and in everything, saree comes along, many people experimented with saree’s and the output has exploded our mind, like different types of saree draping, different ways to wear a saree and many more.

There are many benefits of wearing a saree, first, it shows your pride and culture, secondly, the major point is there is no fat-shaming or body negativity when it comes to a saree like if you are going to buy a saree, you don’t have to pick your size because a saree is the only thing which comes in all sizes. So you can always wear a saree of your choice without even thinking about your size, this is the real beauty of a saree.

According to us, a saree is a wonder in itself. It’s unarguably one of the ancient most forms of apparel known to humankind,  India is taking giant strides towards modernization, yet the saree still holds its place as a key that reflects the cultural representation of Indian women.

The saree is also the sartorial testimony of India’s overwhelming cultural diversity. The seamless piece of cloth is worn in over a hundred different traditional styles across different regions of the Indian subcontinent. The drape of the saree differs according to region, community, functionality, and sometimes occasion.

Even today, a majority of the women in India wear saree, and it still is considered as primary piece of clothing even in modern wardrobes. Sarees are a dominating segment of the Indian fashion industry and account for about 71% of the biggest retail segment in women’s wear.

Today, more than 70 percent of Indian women wear sarees- if not daily, then at least on selected occasions every year.

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Talking about the recent trend in Sarees, “We see two distinct sensations— there’s a lot of work by saree historians and revivalists, trying to bring back some of the traditional designs of yesterday. At the same time, we see a lot of innovation and cross-inspiration between the different designs and techniques from various regions. Plus, we see more contemporary designs turning up on saree borders or pallus too.”

So according to us, a saree is a precious cloth for us which represents our history and culture and we don’t have to worry about saree because of western culture because a saree can never go out fashion, a saree is a legacy for women.

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Interesting Article

Raaj Bagga December 07, 2022


Interesting Article

Raaj Bagga December 07, 2022

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