Our Story

Isadora Life is Born
01.Her mind is the sexiest thing about her

Isadora Life, born in one of the youngest states of India, Chattisgarh, is an endeavor to embed ease of use and beauty together. At Isadora Life, we create every product with her customer at the core. Everything we do here has one single agenda – Enable you to express your awesome self.

02. Less is more

We aspire to take away the complexity and tediousness from the usability perspective while retaining their elegance and beauty. Our products are meant to make you feel good and look even better with delightful ease and speed. We want to free your time so that you can do everything you dream of, while looking good effortlessly.

03.Saree wearing challenge

Wearing a perfect saree feels like a challenge to most of us women and most of the time, we have more pressing engagements than indulge this challenge.

04.Glamour and fear, at once

Saree brings out the absolute feminine power and grace in every woman who adorns it. Saree, 9 yards of pure sensuality and tradition is an attire every woman loves and dreads in equal proportion. The sheer complexity and time it takes to drape a saree makes it nonviable in today’s times.


Wrap in 1 Minute Saree, is our first product where we have worked tirelessly for months together to retain the beauty and elegance of traditional saree while making it quick and easy to wear.
With our Wrap in 1 Minute Saree collection, we hope to make saree your go-to-attire for every occasion you wish to stand out or make your personality felt.

Neha Tandon Sharma

Founder & CEO